We provide simple and seamless solutions for custom blockchain application development, built on innovation and inspired by the latest global best practices. Whether you're a brand new fintech startup or an enterprise, we'll take care of your next blockchain integration.

Our Services

We focus on developing solutions that create real added value.


We are experts in working with existing DeFi protocols such as AAVE, Compound or Uniswap. Give your users the ability to deploy or lend their funds, earn interest at any time, and take advantage of the new financial age with secure integrations.


We develop wallets in different programming languages that can be used to buy, receive and send transactions. We also connect Web3 applications with existing wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet. This way your users have full access to your new decentralized application.

Smart Contracts

Whether you are generating an exciting new token, creating a new NFT collection, or have an ingenious idea for how your business rules could be executed on a decentralized ledger. We are able to write your smart contracts for any use case you want and support you with the insights we have gained over the last few years.

Crypto Brokers

The exchange of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa takes place between the buyer or seller and the broker platform. We have experience in building systems that connect to various decentralized or centralized exchanges and payment gateways or banks and are compliant with integrations such as KYC and AML.